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Google Business Profile, how to customize.

Updated: Jul 1

In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to set up and customize a Google Business Profile.

Google is the most visited website in the world and currently holds more than 90% search engine market share.

Creating a Google Business Profile is a very effective way to attract new customers to your business through Google search and Maps.

Create a Google Business Profile

How to create a business profile on Google Business Profile

Link to set up your profile:

The first step is to create a Gmail account or use one you already have.

Right after finishing the account opening process, log in.

Name and Category

Then enter the appropriate name and category for your business.


In the next step, we will define the business location.

If you have a physical address where customers can visit, select Yes and add your business address.

If your company makes deliveries or services at the customer's home or office, add the areas, zones, neighbourhoods, or even cities where your company operates.


In case you don't have a physical location, but offer in-person services or deliveries, select No, and then you can list your coverage area and the region where your business is located.

Contact details

It is vital to fill in contact details such as your business phone number and website URL so customers can get in touch.


Now choose whether you want to receive updates and recommendations from your Google business profile.

Verify your business

In this step, select a verification method.

To be able to manage and represent your company profile on Google, the system needs to confirm company ownership.

The simplest way to verify your business is through the company's email address.

Optimize and Customize

How to optimize and customize your account on Google Business Profile.

Let's customize your business profile to reflect the specifics of your business!

Services & Opening Hours

Set your company's offered services to reach the right audience, and define opening and closing times. Be aware that it is possible to set different times for each day of the week.

The next step is allowing customers to message your business for free via Google, which helps increase engagement.


Add a description that defines your company, services, or products to let your customers know more about your business.

This information will appear on Google Searches, Google Maps and other Google Services.


Adding company photos is an excellent way to make yourself known to your potential customers in addition to helping to identify where your business is located, and it is also an opportunity to show your services, products, or even what your company is like inside.

Google ADS

Google ADS is a paid advertising service on Google, such as Facebook and Instagram ADS.

Setting up an AD is the fasted way for your business to appear to the defined audience.


You will see a screen informing you that the edits made will only be visible after the Business verification.

The process is completed!
Now it's just waiting for the email with the verification result.

Be aware that the edits made will only be visible after the Business verification.

And that's it!

Your business profile on Google has been created and personalized.

This is a simple way, and free, to make your business known to potential new customers through one of the most used tools in the world.

Don't waste more time!

Set up your business profile now to take advantage of all the godsends of the online world!

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