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Head of Design & Creative Team

Andrea Argenton
Andrea Argenton, Head of Design & Creative Team

Design guru, a truthfully creative master. With the magical ability to turn ideas into visually stunning realities, she brings vibrant and imaginative flair to every project.

Armed with her trusted design software and extra creativity, Andrea crafts captivating and impactful marketing visuals.

When she is not enchanting with her incredible designs, you can find her enjoying a cup of coffee in the comfort of her home office, as she works remotely.

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Head of Development Team

Rui Belo
Rui Belo, Head of Development Team

Tech-savvy, with extensive experience in database code development, recently Front-End Web Developer Certificate at Trilogy Education Services in London.

Strong focus on continuous learning and improvement of skills and knowledge bases.

Communication and collaboration are considered essential components of teamwork.

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Our Creative Founders

We are a cohesive team that uses research and strategy to deliver outstanding results in all projects we are involved in.

A team that enjoys the creative aspects of digital marketing, web design, branding, and opening an agency allows us to express creativity while helping businesses build their online identity.

We recognised that many local businesses are struggling to adapt to the digital landscape and saw an opportunity to fill the gap by providing digital services tailored to their needs.

Our goal is to contribute to the growth and success of local communities by assisting local businesses in establishing assertive online presence.
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