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An immersion into the Gaming Universe.

In our quest to empower businesses with innovative digital strategies, we successfully partnered with E7 Distribuidora, Brazil's distinguished electronics and gaming distributor, to elevate their online presence. 

E7 Distribuidora on
Desktop computer with the image of a page from the E7 distributor website and two images falling down, one from social media and the other from the blog


E7 Distribuidora

Web Design & Digital Strategy

Service Web Design


Project Overview

E7 Distribuidora is a leading distributor of electronics, consoles, and gaming accessories in Brazil, turned to us as they sought a new digital facade. 

The objective was clear - to give the deserved visibility to a brand that aims to be a market leader, win over new retailers and sub-distributors and attract new international brands to the Brazilian market.

Our main task was to create an innovative, high tech-savvy platform and user-friendly which meets the objective of E7 Distribuidora and at the same time encapsulates their essence: The Universe of Gaming.

Desktop computer with an image from the E7 website and two sheets flying with images from the blog

Key Highlights of the Project and

What made it Victory

Innovation and quality

Innovative and high-quality designs were incorporated at the heart of this project to reflect E7's core values in its audience.

We leveraged cutting-edge web design principles to build a site that echoes E7's commitment to bringing the freshest and most exciting products into the gaming industry.

Tablet showing the E7 Distribuidora website page with the brands they represent
Spotlight on Strong Alliances

In the digital era, collaboration is key, and showcasing valued partnerships can significantly influence a brand's perception. Therefore, we developed a section strategically placed on the website to highlight E7 Distribuidora's esteemed alliances.

E7 Distribuidora proudly aligns with influential names, positioning itself as a venerable player in the electronics and gaming distribution sectors. Our system ensures that visitors get a clear sense of the extensive network and the strong relationships E7 Distribuidora enjoys.

This strategic move not only enhances E7 Distribuidora's credibility, but also strengthens the brand's appeal in the eyes of potential partners, customers, and suppliers. By placing these partnerships under a deserving spotlight, we will amplify E7's market presence and demonstrate its continuous commitment to delivering quality in the gaming universe.

E7 Distribuidora Website responsive - Imagem of the webasite on a Tablet Laptop and Mobile device
Optimized user experience

In our mission to provide top-tier services and an unparalleled user experience to E7 Distribuidora customers, we introduced highly tailored solutions. According to Statista, approximately 54.8% of the global website traffic comes from mobile phones, and the number of tablet users is expected to reach over 1.5 billion by 2025.

With the understanding that a significant number of the audience is moving away from the traditional desktop environment and towards the convenience of mobile devices and tablets, we stepped up our game. We seized this as an opportunity to create a more optimised and personalised user experience.

We meticulously engineered different user interfaces for various accessing devices that could visit the E7 Distribuidora website. To provide a seamless journey irrespective of the device used, we treated each interface uniquely.

The goal was to ensure that customers, from the tech-savvy millennial navigating their tablet to the busy entrepreneur browsing through their smartphone on-the-go, all experience the E7 Distribuidora site as a friendly, efficient, and compelling platform.

E7 Distribuidora Website with multilingual support to connect with a diverse audience
Multilingual support 

In today's global marketplace, language is never a barrier to success. We empowered the E7 Distribuidora platform with multilingual support to connect with a diverse audience. Initially designed in Portuguese, the site caters flawlessly to the national market, with a strategic focus on attracting new store partners and subdistributors.

However, we understand that to attract top-notch international suppliers, we must speak their language both literally and figuratively. Embracing this philosophy led us to imbue the platform with the English and Spanish interface options.

This is a step towards enabling constructive dialogue and fostering better business relationships with potential international suppliers. Indeed, the world's stage, but only for those who can communicate effectively across it.

E7 Distribuidora Ubersuggest Website Speed Report
Supercharged SEO

SEO is not a one-and-done task but an art that requires keen attention to detail, deep understanding, and a dash of innovation.

We consider SEO essentials such as the Meta Description, URL, Title TAG for every page, and alternate text for each image. However, our commitment to online success does not stop: it is deep-rooted, extensive, and capable of pushing regular boundaries.

The E7 Distribuidora website project stands a testament to our efforts, esteemed with a "Great" rating on Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a widely respected tool in our toolbox that helps us fine-tune every project that we handle.

We use innovative tools and techniques to ensure that each project trusted to us does not just show up in search results; it shines.