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Optimizing the Consumer Journey for Small Local Businesses

Updated: Jul 31

Enhancing Your Social Media Management

Before embarking on the consumer journey, it is crucial to identify your ideal customer or buyer persona.

By understanding their pain points, fears, preferences, and more, you can create a tailored communication process to engage potential customers through various channels like emails, blog articles, and social media content.

Aligning your marketing strategy with the buyer persona is key to success.

Allow us to guide you in exploring the stages of the consumer journey and how they can boost the conversion rate for your brand.

The consumer journey is split into five stages, and this model is based on the Unbound Marketing methodology, which is very useful for visualizing the complete customer experience with our brand to create more effective marketing strategies.

Understanding the model, we can identify all points of contact with our brand, and by differentiating each stage in which the potential consumer finds, we can direct our content to solve their difficulties, pains, or concerns.

Stages of the consumer journey

Stage 1: Discovery – Captivating Attention

The Discovery stage marks the first contact between your brand and potential leads or customers.

To ensure you get noticed, focus on creating valuable content that resonates with your audience. Craft compelling pieces that grab attention and ignite interest in your niche.

At this stage, the objective is to attract new followers and establish your brand's presence.

Stage 2: Consideration – Nurturing Interest

In the Consideration stage, your target audience has discovered your brand and consumed your content.

Your content should aim to entertain or provide solutions that make a difference in their lives, careers, or businesses.

Share tips, checklists, or e-books that address their pain points. Consistently delivering valuable content trigger the reciprocity emotion, making potential customers feel indebted to your brand.

The goal is to position your brand in their minds so that when they need a product or service, they turn to you as a trusted solution provider.

Inspire them to explore your social media profiles, website, landing pages, or sales funnels to find answers to their problems.

Remember, maintaining high-quality content and frequency is essential to bolster your positioning.

Stage 3: Purchase and Conversion – Breaking Objections

With the solid groundwork in the first two stages, the Purchase and Conversion stage becomes more manageable.

By this point, potential customers are prepared to complete a purchase, and their interest is more straightforward. However, overcoming objections is crucial to secure the conversion.

Identify common objections and address them effectively:

“This won't work for me”: Use social proof triggers and successful case studies to demonstrate that your product or service has benefited others with similar concerns.

“I've never heard of this product or service”: Present relevant information and success stories to overcome the scepticism surrounding innovative or lesser-known solutions.

“I don't need it right now”: Utilize scarcity triggers to emphasize limited-time opportunities like discounts, exclusive content, or promotions. Demonstrate how your solution addresses their pain points or needs.

Anticipate and address objections like “I'm busy,” “I'll think about it and get back to you,” “I already have this product,” “It's too expensive,” “Send me more information,” or “I'm not interested.” Tackle these objections throughout the consumer journey, showcasing your process, best results, and social proof.

Stage 4: Own Experience – Turn Unsatisfied Customers Around

Contacting customers immediately after a purchase is crucial to address dissatisfaction before it becomes public.

Promptly address their concerns and strive to turn unsatisfied customers into brand advocates.

Positive reviews or testimonials can be invaluable. Leverage satisfied customers by requesting testimonials highlighting the positive transformation your product or service has brought to their lives.

Use these testimonials as advertisements or social media posts to reinforce your brand's credibility.

Stage 5: Shared Experience – Turning Customers into Brand Ambassadors

A shared experience encompasses all interactions the prospect has had with your brand. When a customer's entire journey has been positive, they can become an ambassador for your brand.

Their identification with your values and purposes may lead them to share their positive experience on social media and recommend your brand to friends or clients.

This boomerang effect brings new potential customers back to the Discovery stage.

The content generated from these shared experiences should serve as social proof and material for success stories.


Investing effort in the initial stages of the consumer journey paves the way for smoother progress in subsequent phases.

Minimizing friction at each step accelerates prospects' progress. Keep the entire process focused on your customers, their experience, and their satisfaction.

A positive experience enhances the likelihood of customers becoming promoters of your brand, attracting new customers to discover and engage with your business.

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